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A la Carte Services

providing your pet with a safe & fun experience

  1. Playtime Group (Monday - Friday)
    while your dog is staying with us Half Day (3 hours) Full Day (6 hours)
  2. Playtime Group (Saturday & Sunday)
    while your dog is staying with us 2 hours
  3. Playtime Individual
    $6.00/$10.00 per session
    Playtimes are offered in 15 minute & 30 minute sessions. You may choose as many playtimes as you feel your pets needs. If you choose more than 1 we will space them out.
  4. Potty Breaks
    $2.00 per session
    Done on artificial grass & last between 5 & 10 minutes. You can do as many times per day as you like for your dog.
  5. Go Home Bath
    We provide the shampoo and towels...
  6. Treats
    $3.00/time given
    Snack Kong (Filled with Treats) Ice Cream (Maple Bacon)
  7. Bedding
  8. House Food
  9. Medication
  10. Kitty TLC Time
    $4.00 (2nd Cat Free)
    Your cat will spend time playing with their toys, on the cat tree and stretching their legs outside their enclosure.
  11. Cash Discount
    Pay cash for your pets stay & receive a FREE Potty Break each day OR $2.00 off Playtime Group
  12. Bed Cover Washing
    Petopia will wash your pets bed cover and it will be smelling fresh and hair free on pickup. We will also wash plush toys if they need it.
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