O U R   S E R V I C E S
714-637-1986              2417 N. Batavia St.           Orange, CA 92865
Individual Playtimes can be scheduled for a small additional fee. You can choose from a variety of one-on-one activities depending on your pet. From active play like ball catching to a peaceful, easy stroll or cuddle, each guest is given undivided personal attention. And, of course, lots of petting is always included.
Experienced bathers provide baths for all breeds of dogs using the Hydo-Massage Treatment.  All pets receive full pre-bath brush out, a heated soothing wash and rinse, custom drying and final brush out.
Doggie Daycare has helped many owners keep their dogs physically and mentally healthy. We provide a place where you dog can socialize with other dogs and release some energy.  Remember, a tired dog is a good dog.  Social interaction is a necessity in their life.  Your pet will be well protected playing on artificial grass in our closely supervised outdoor play areas.
Our Feline guests will stay in 3-tiered kitty condos located in a private room away from any barking dogs. Kitty TLC Time can be scheduled for an additional fee.  Four of our condos our located next to a window for your cats pleasure.
Whether a weekend or a week, your pet will enjoy staying and playing at Petopia.  Our canine guests will benefit from clean indoor/outdoor runs and climate controlled buildings.  At Petopia, we believe that pets are part of our family and during their stay with us, they will be treated with the same love, respect and attention you give at home.
Walks can be scheduled for a small additional fee. You can choose from once a day or the preferered twice a day.  Your pet will be taken into the outdoor courtyard which consists of artificial grass, trees, bushes and dirt.
P E T O P I A   P E T  R E S O R T