Standard Room (Indoor & Outdoor)             $27      $21.60

O U R   P R I C E S
* Includes Daily Activities: 2 potty breaks & 15 minute                   playtime OR 2 hours of Group Playtime.
  Upgrade: to full day of daycare Mon. - Fri. for $10                           with paid boarding for that day.
Junior Studio * (Indoor)                                $40      $32                                                                       
Studio *                                                           $50      $40           Indoor with outdoor artificial grass patio                 
Kitty Condo                                                    $20    $16                                                                          
Doggie Daycare (Mon. - Fri.)
10 Day Package               $220 ($22/day)
Playtime Group while boarding with us
Half Day  (Mon. - Fri.)                       $15
Full Day   (Mon. - Fri.)                      $18
Individual Activities
Potty Break (5-10 Min. per session)  $ 2/session
Playtime - 15 Minutes               $ 6/session
Playtime - 30 Minutes               $10/session
Additional Services
Bedding                                                      $2/day
House Food                                               $3/day
Daily Activities require additional fee           
"No matter how

little money and

how few possessions

you own, having a dog

makes you rich."

         -- Louis Sabin
5 Day Package                 $115 ($23/day)
Half Day                            $20
Please call for prices & additional information.
714.637.1986 (p)   714.282.8151 (f)      2417 N. Batavia St.     Orange, CA 92865
Full Day                            $25

P E T O P I A   P E T  R E S O R T

40% Room Discount  (3rd pet in same room)
Kitty TLC Time (2nd cat free)      $ 4/session
Medication                                                 $2/dose
Monthly Rates are Available (advance payment required)

Cash Discount - 1 Free walk per day OR $2.00 off dog                               daycare while pet is boarding with us.
Suite *                                                                               $45     $36      Indoor with artificial grass indoor potty area         
Luxury Suite *                                                     $60    $48       Indoor with artificial indoor grass potty area
Premium Suite *                                               $60   $48         Indoor with outdoor artificial grass yard     
Snack Kong (Filled with Treats)               $3/time
Cool Treat Smoothie                                  $2
Ice Cream-Maple Bacon                           $3
Pool Time (30 Min. Premium      $20/session                      Suite Only)
Playtime Group while boarding with us
2 Hours   (Sat. & Sun.)                    $10