2.   IF MY DOG DOESN'T GET ALONG WITH OTHER DOGS CAN THEY STILL GET SOME EXERCISE?  Yes, we offer individual exercise programs where your dog will spend time with an employee in our tree-lined play area.
5.   WHERE DOES MY DOG GO TO THE BATHROOM?  Either in their outdoor run area (which is concrete) or in our outdoor courtyard (which is artificial grass, bushes, bark & dirt).
F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D
 Q U E S T I O N S
1.   CAN MY DOG PLAY WITH OTHER DOGS?  Yes, your pet can play with other dogs in our  Doggie Daycare. We offer full day and half day doggie daycare Monday through Friday.  Dogs must be pre-approved before being during doggie daycare.
4.   MAY I BRING TREATS FOR MY PET?  Yes and we will give them as requested by you.  WE DON'T allow real bones or bones with meat.
3.   I  BROUGHT RAWHIDES/TREATS FOR MY PET & SOME RETURNED. WHY WAS THIS?  Our employees will give your pet rawhides & treats as provided by you. Some pets vwill not eat their rawhides or treats because there are so many other interests to occupy their time such as their neighboring dogs, our employees walkng through, misc. noises & playtimes.
6.   SHOULD WE BRING BEDDING?  Yes you may bring clean bedding for your pet or we can provide bedding for a small fee.
7.   SHOULD WE BRING FOOD & WATER BOWLS? We will provide food and water bowls for your pet.
8.   MY PET IS SO THIRSTY WHEN SHE COMES HOME FROM A BOARDING VISIT.  DOESN'T SHE GET WATER WHEN SHE'S WITH YOU? OR, WHY WON'T SHE DRINK WHEN SHE'S BEING BOARDED?  Pets will frequently become very thirsty from the excitement and stress of seeing their family and loved ones again when they're picked up. It's natural and you should expect your pet to be a bit dehydrated from all the excitement once you get them home. 

While in our care, pets are monitored carefully for their consumption of fresh water, which is continuously checked and refreshed throughout the day. And, just like the excitement of coming home, when they first are checked-in and settled in their suite, they will tend to become very thirsty. We watch this carefully, and are sure to provide plenty of fresh water upon check-in to get the pet fully hydrated. After the first 30 minutes or so, they settle into the new routine, get comfortable, and establish regular eating and drinking habits.
9.  WHILE MY PET IS BOARDING WITH YOU, WILL HE BE TAKEN OUT FOR PLAYTIMES OR POTTY BREAKS?Petopia offers playtime and potty break services for your pet. One of our trained associates will play, run, pet, and cater to the needs of your pet in our large tree-lined play area. Please see our prices page for costs associated with these activites.

10.  WHERE IS MY DOG GOING TO GO TO THE BATHROOM WHEN IN YOUR CARE? Petopia has a mix of indoor/outdoor & indoor-only enclosures. Dogs in our care will eliminate in the exercise run of their two-room suite. This area is well suited forthis purpose, and are regularly sanitized.  For an additional fee your pet may eliminate in our doggie daycare yard, or our tree-lined courtyard. 
11.  MY PETS LIKE TO HAVE TOYS WITH THEM.  CAN THEY HAVE THEIR FAVORITE TOYS WHILE BOARDING WITH PETOPIA? Your pets may have one or two toys to play with in their suite during their stay. If you bring toys from home, be sure to mark them with permanent ink with your last name. Your pets' toys will stay with them in their suites and we do our best to return all toys. Occasionally, a toy may be lost during a playtime or cleaning.
12.  WHAT IS YOUR MINIMUM AGE FOR BOARDING A DOG?  Our primary concern is the welfare of our guests. For this reason, our minimum boarding age for dogs is 4 months. It is generally recommended that puppies get their first round of "adult" shots at 12 weeks (including rabies), and the second round at 16 weeks. Additionally, in any kennel environment, a young pup could possibly be exposed to air-borne viruses it could not fight off. Our recommendation is to board puppies at your veterinarian's office until they have reached our minimum age requirement.
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